Boost Games and Apps with RAM Booster for Android

RAM Booster is a high quality tool that will allow you to accelerate other apps by gaining performance and free RAM memory.

★ APP & GAME BOOSTER Increase other apps and game’s performance by giving them a BOOST of RAM memory. This, in most cases, accelerate notoriously frame rates offering a better and smooth gameplay since it’s put in full priority.

★ MEMORY CLEANER Release memory whenever you want. RAM Booster gives you access to background processes taking space in your RAM memory. You can select the processes that you want to kill and those that you want to preserve in memory.

★ TURBO LAUNCH RAM Booster introduces a Turbo Mode for Android(tm) called Turbo Launch! Use this feature to launch resoruce-demanding games and apps to ensure you’re getting the most out of your phone or tablet. This comes really handy when you’re experiencing drop frames or lag.

★ WIDGETS In order to give you a quick access point we added a cool widget from which you can access the app and clean your memory and boost apps or games faster. We are also developing a widget in the tray bar that will display useful information about your device such as used memory, avaibalbe memory and a quick boost button.

★ CONTACT US We’d like to encourage you to get in touch if you have any question or doubt, and also if you want to report any bug or problem. We welcome any kind of comments and we promise to do our best in order to give you a better user experience.

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